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Facility Management

Our facility management services focus on the maintenance and upkeep of a large building space, such as office suites. It can encompass everything from daily cleanliness to smaller repairs and replacements. If you’re looking for a facility management company to take great care of your property for good rates, call us!

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Facility Management Services

Our facility management team can take care of a variety of things, including:

In addition to regular cleanings (set up on a schedule that suits you -- whether it’s daily, nightly, weekly, or custom), we can also handle repairs, handyman work, and other actions to keep your business running smoothly. Our janitorial and supervisory staff makes sure the property’s gears are well-oiled and turning smoothly every day.

The typical actions we perform include many things, and are tailored to your property’s specific needs. We can do daily janitorial services to keep floors and other surfaces clean, smooth, and free of spills. We perform porter services, such as making sure wastebaskets are emptied regularly, restrooms are kept clean and stocked, and kitchen areas are kept sanitary. Our cleaners will look out for trouble areas, such as ceiling drips or sticky floors, and address them promptly. We can also handle things like burnt out light bulbs, paint touch ups that are needed, or other minor repairs, and make those ourselves before they become a problem for your employees or clients.

With so many businesses trying to do more with less, workers and managers would be able to fully focus on their jobs once the facility management is turned over to our team. It makes economic sense to contract with specialists like us who will ensure that your workspace is clean, healthy and in good working order at all times.

two red vent stacks outside an office buildingOur facility management teams become the “eagle eye” of a workplace. Our specialists use handheld computers to immediately notify the property manager or building owner of any problems. Prompt action separates the best companies like ours from mere janitorial services. We will send notes and pictures in real time, so they can be addressed ASAP.

Our facility management staff are aware of federal health and safety laws, as well as state and local regulations. Our company strives to keep your building in compliance and in top shape around the clock. We use proven green technology, like state of the art filtration and vacuums, to get rid of most allergens and keep your air healthier.

Our facility management specialists will also ensure that the ventilation system is working properly, and kept free of airborne mold and dust. We will clean and sanitize frequently-used areas and shared surfaces to eliminate the spread of disease. Our maintenance specialists will also assess and correct risks, including unsafe conditions such as exposed wiring and torn edges of flooring. If you think your property could benefit from having a thorough maintenance team look after it, give us a call to get a customized estimate for your particular needs.

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We provide facility management in Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia and all surrounding areas.

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