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Property Management

If you need a property management service to care for your large commercial property, call us. We specialize in the cleaning and maintenance of large properties, and will provide the exact services you need, with nothing you don’t. Our plans are all custom built to your preferences, including schedule, services, and frequency. Call now to get a free estimate on effective cleaning and maintenance for your property!

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Property Management Company

It’s an enormous task to manage the physical needs of a large office suite, a building, or the offices inside a manufacturing plant. In fact, it is a job in itself, and our property management teams are ready to take it off your hands. Whether you’re looking for a company to handle regular cleanings and upkeep, or a team to handle your facility management around the clock, we’re the maintenance service for you.

Hiring our property management service helps you stay efficient, and more importantly, lets you focus solely on your business. Let our specialists worry about keeping your building in top shape, and calling contractors to fix any bigger problems.

With our watchful eye on your property, you can keep your attention off of the details we’ll care for. Dozens of issues need addressing at every hour of the day. Waste cans need emptying; restrooms need stocking and sanitizing; and floors need mopping, vacuuming or sweeping. Malfunctions must be fixed quickly for health and safety reasons. An HVAC system can become overloaded; elevators, escalators and automatic doors can stop working; burned out light bulbs need changing. Our property management specialists will handle it all so you can focus on what’s important: running your business.

We focus on preventive maintenance by keeping in regular actions. Checking the condition of your building components, performing regular inspections, and recommending maintenance will extend the useful life of your building. This allows you to set priorities for maintenance budgeting and evaluate the cost of systems. It ensures that every important element, from roof to floor, is performing.

worker polishing the floor in an office suitePreventive building maintenance stops problems from happening. An example would be changing out machine components, or caulking seals before they wear out. Property maintenance involves the understanding of when a machine typically wears out over its life cycle, and changing out parts at the right time. Our staff have received some of the highest training in the industry, and are prepared to offer top service to your property.

After over 20 years in business as a full-service cleaning company, we have keeping your property looking its best down to a science. We have the experience to spot potential problems before they flare up. We’ll also be able to determine the best schedule for servicing critical components, and we can simply carry out tasks on your timetable. Give us a call to go over a custom plan for your buildings, and we’ll show you why we’re the best choice!

No building is too big for our
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We offer property management in Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia and all surrounding areas.

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