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Floor Polishing

Floor polishing will make your hard floors look great and keep them safe. Choosing us to polish your concrete floors means that it will get done perfectly and for a fair price! Call now and get a free estimate on polishing the floors at your property!

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Floor Polishing Service

When you have any hard surface or concrete floor in your building or industrial area, you need to keep it clean and safe. As commercial floor polishing specialists, we have the skill and knowledge to clean and polish every type of hard surface or concrete floor for maximum wear, beauty and safety. Concrete polishing and sealing is our specialty, and we can make any floor look great!

A clean and polished floor has many benefits. It promotes safety, makes a good impression, increases productivity and reduces maintenance costs. We have been a professional floor polishing company for nearly 20 years and are known for our excellent quality of work. If you have a commercial office building with concrete flooring, contact us for a free estimate on:

We’re able to provide floor polishing on a myriad of different flooring, including:

Industrial floors – these take abuse in many different ways. They are required to withstand vehicular traffic, falling objects, oil and chemical spills. Meanwhile they must be kept clean and polished, but not slick, for the safety of workers. We can polish and seal industrial floors to create a better working environment that requires less maintenance.

Decorative concrete floors – not only are they useful, they can be as attractive as polished granite for a fraction of the cost. Call now about transforming ordinary dull gray concrete floors into a well-polished surface that is also easy to care for.

How the floor polishing process works is: first, we use a liquid hardener to create an impenetrable barrier on the porous concrete surface. Then, we grind it in stages with a special grinding machine with a disc that contains a mixture of metal matrix and diamond grit. We’ll pass it over the concrete floor sealing job in progresssurface until it is completely flat, without any chips or dimples. Then a finer grit is used to develop a shine. Depending upon the finish you want, progressively finer grits are applied. The result is an easily maintained surface that looks great. Spills bead right up and the finish remains shiny. It will not crack or crumble, even under heavy traffic situations. Let our commercial floor polishing specialists give you easily maintained and attractive surfaces for your business!

Since concrete is a porous surface, we will usually seal it with a topcoat to keep it looking bright and protected. This is especially true in high-traffic areas, or if your flooring is stained or painted. Aesthetics and employee safety demand concrete floors be well-maintained at all times. We are a full-service cleaning company that can apply the right type of finish to any kind of flooring! It will last for years without chipping or cracking. All that’s needed to wipe it up is a mop, we can do that, too, if you’d like. Call now and get a free estimate on polishing your floors!

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We do floor polishing in Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia and the nearby areas.

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