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Concrete Floor Polishing

Concrete floor polishing offers many advantages, like keeping your property in great shape with low maintenance. Our company is the premier provider of concrete floor polishing in the entire region, and will do a great job on yours. Your flooring will be professional looking and permanently shined, and no one will guess it is an old dull gray surface made beautiful!

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Concrete Floor Polishing Company

Our cleaning company specializes in the sealing and polishing of concrete floors, on all sizes and types of commercial properties. No matter if you have a 100,000 square foot warehouse or a 5,000 square foot retail space, having shiny, easy-to-maintain concrete floors will make a difference.

Concrete floor polishing is as close to a fix-and-forget-it surface as you will find. After polishing and sealing, it will require only a damp mop and a broom to retain its shine, and spills are generally very easy to clean up, too. Your overall maintenance costs will be reduced significantly! You may choose to have certain high-traffic areas resealed and re-polished occasionally (let us handle that, too!) to keep it looking brand new. Call now and get a free estimate on concrete floor polishing for your property.

If you’ve currently got another type of flooring, such as linoleum or carpet, then we will remove it and work with the concrete below. Dirt and remaining adhesives are ground out of the exposed subfloor. Our floor polishing specialists will then use a series of diamond polishing pads to smooth the exposed surface to a fine polish.

concrete floor at the start of a floor polishing jobIf you’d like a creative or customized look, we can use acid-staining techniques. Staining your concrete floors will make for a rich look your visitors won’t believe is concrete. The color is a permanent part of the surface that will not fade, and you’ll have many choices. Colors range from earth tones to blue with the unique look of marble or granite. Browns and tans will add warmth and an air of hospitality to your commercial property. Call now to set up your free estimate!

Benefits of Concrete Floor Polishing

Concrete floor polishing helps your floor resist gouges, stains, water damage and chemicals. Because it doesn’t need to be replaced, it merely needs to be re-shined every year or so. When you look at the cost against its lifetime value, you’ll quickly see how inexpensive this option can be. Our prices are highly competitive and our work is second to none. If you’re considering polishing the concrete floors at your property, call us for a free estimate.

In terms of keeping your workplace healthy, you won’t find a better surface than concrete for reducing allergies and respiratory illnesses. Unlike carpeting, the surface generates no dust and won’t harbor dust mites. It does not attract mold or mildew, nor does it require harsh chemical cleaners. This further eliminates air quality issues in your workplace, which can be a help to production.

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We offer concrete floor polishing in Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia and the surrounding cities.

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