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Concrete Floor Sealing

If your flooring takes a lot of abuse, concrete floor sealing can keep it low-maintenance and resistant to stains. Our commercial cleaning company specializes in sealing and polishing concrete floors, and we do a great job at it! Almost any concrete floor can benefit from sealing; could it fulfill your business needs? Call now and let’s talk, we’ll give you a free estimate of the best option for your business!

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Concrete Floor Sealing Service

Concrete floor sealing strengthens your floor’s surface, prevents damage to it from changes in temperature, and keeps grease, oil and water from penetrating it. Sealing your floor will add years to the life of any cured concrete, and help it look great. It lasts for a long time with minimal care, and the process can be used together with floor polishing, or in place of it. Call now to set up your free estimate!

Sealants can be used on many different surfaces such as concrete floors, work surfaces, and countertops to provide maximum protection. We can also incorporate them with staining to make the color richer or prettier. Both commercial and industrial floors get a lot of abuse, and a sealant can make a huge difference in their performance. Give us a call to speak to a concrete floor sealing specialist and get your questions answered today!

There are two basic families of sealants that we use:

Surface – these are mechanically applied to form a surface coating. A topical sealant can give your floor the shiny showroom floor look, and usually requires ongoing, periodic maintenance. Topical coatings are also frequently the cheaper of the two options. They will usually be used if there's something on the floor that would prevent a penetrating coating from being used. Call now and we’ll look at your flooring and advise you on which is best for you.

Penetrating – these substances leave the surface looking as it did before sealing. They are a recommended sealing solution for just about any area. We use L&M Seal Hard brand of penetrating sealants, and have been a certified installer of their products for over 18 years now.

There are many types of formulas, from urethanes and acrylics to silicones. As an experienced concrete floor sealing company, we can choose the right type for your surface and the work you do. We can renew and seal your floors, no matter how old your surface is. Our specialists will grind and thoroughly clean the surface to get rid of old VCT tile marks, old spills and grime. The surface you will get when we are done will take almost any kind of abuse and shine for years with a minimum amount of care!

four barrels of concrete floor sealant in a warehouseConcrete floor sealing can be done alone, or in tandem with polishing, depending on the type of sealant. After the chemical has penetrated, the floor can then be polished. Coatings can also be added after polishing. Either way, your surface will shine like expensive granite, and be just as dense. The look you get can be color-rich, aggregated like terrazzo, or subtly natural. It will also make your flooring virtually maintenance free, aside from an occasional mopping or sweeping. And it will create a more pleasant, less industrial atmosphere. Call to get your free estimate today!

Why Seal Concrete Floors?

Sealing concrete floors prevents spilled liquids from entering the porous surface and creating saturation and stains. Grime and grease can get deep into the surface and be nearly impossible to remove. As the floor gets dirtier it becomes darker, which reduces light levels. It also poses greater safety risks. In commercial offices, retail, and institutional settings an unsealed concrete floor may not only look unsightly over time, but it also may become chipped and cracked. This creates a trip and fall hazard you don’t need. Concrete floor sealing or polishing is highly recommended in these areas, and we are the best in the business.

If your existing floor is just dull and worn, or if you are having a new one installed, get a free estimate from us. Let us seal it, polish it, and protect it. The benefits will far exceed the initial investment. After over 20 years as a full-service cleaning company, we’ve worked out the very best ways to keep your property looking great year after year. Give us a call to work up a custom solution for your property today!

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We do concrete floor sealing in Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia and the nearby areas.

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